Curriculum {EYFS}


Children’s learning outcomes

We currently work with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework these are the learning objectives we hope each child to achieve whilst at Preschool, alongside this we use characteristics of effective learning this is how a child learns to achieve their full potential. Every child is unique and will learn and achieve in different ways, so we use the Childs interests and individuality to meet these targets.


We have prime areas and specific areas with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Development matters criteria, which we encourage are children to achieve within the relevant age range. 

We review every Childs development using all the assessments and outcomes, if any child needs additional support after these reviews, in achieving their full potential we can request support from outside agencies to help each individual child.

Prime areas covered

Age in months

Personal, social and emotional development

Communication and language development

Physical development


Making relationships

Self confidence

Managing feelings

Listening/ attention



Moving & handling

Health & self-care

0-11 months




8-20 months




16-26 months




22-36 months




30-50 months




40-50 months





Specific areas covered



Understanding the world

Expressive arts and design




Shapes, space & measure

People and community

The world


Exploring media and materials

Being imaginative


We plan for our children using the children's interest, the staff support their learning through modelling of the play and asking questions and encouraging them to think for themselves. We use the characteristics of effective learning to ensure all the children have a rich learning environment and are in control of their own learning.


We at Preschool@stmarks we acknowledge the importance of these outcomes for all our children and we hold high expectations for each individual child and are proud to play a part in working with the children, parents, families and community in helping to make them a reality for all.

Learning journeys are completed by the child’s keyperson and are shared with parents/carers and other members of staff on our online tapestry account using a unique log in for each individual parent/carer, so parents can only access their child’s profile. We do this by observing the children using photographic and written accounts as evidence, uploaded to tapestry where parents/carers can view this evidence and even upload their own evidence to assist with their child’s development.

Characteristics of effective teaching & learning.

The Leuven Scale