What is Tapestry?  Tapestry is an online learning diary that will enable us to give you instant access to our observations and provide you with the opportunity to comment and share your insights into your child’s learning. Both Pre-School and parents can upload photos and videos, which makes Tapestry a truly collaborative way to document your child’s early years. Parents will be sent an email whenever an observation is made, meaning you get a regular feed of information which you can view on your smart-phone or’s like a Pre-school Facebook! Each observation will be linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage meaning you can see how your child’s play is informing and reflecting their learning in the 7 key areas of early years learning and development. 


How secure is Tapestry? Staff members will have personal log in details and passwords. All staff members have read, signed and agreed to a technology code of conduct, which stipulates how to keep data secure and confidential. Photos and video will be loaded directly onto the Tapestry site and will not be stored within any laptop or mobile device. Parents will be have a secure password and parents will be able to select other family members to access their child’s learning diary. This means a Grandmother in Australia will be able to share in your child’s learning journey. 

How will my child’s learning records be passed onto their reception class or another setting? Tapestry is the online system this means children who move onto schools who have tapestry will have a consistent online learning diary that potentially spans from the start of Preschool to Key stage 1. The diary can be converted to PDF and printed if something more tangible is desired or if children are transitioning to a school that does not operate Tapestry. Once your child has left Preschool@stmarks and their learning diary has been successfully received by their new school or setting, your child will be removed from our Tapestry site and we will no longer have access to their information.  

Who should I speak to regarding Tapestry?  In the first instance you should talk to your child’s key worker as they are best placed to answer any queries regarding your child’s learning and development. However if you have a technical query than please speak with any of the following staff members as all four have access, knowledge and authority to manage our Tapestry settings; Vicky (Tapestry Manager), Ali (Tapestry Deputy ).